Plate 27 cm

D. 27 cm B. 11.5 cm H. 4 cm

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.

Sélavy, designed for chef Mauro Colagreco’s restaurant Mirazur, is the result of a collaboration between Bernardaud and Basque designer Santos Bregaña. Each plate is composed of several circular levels, reflecting the technical prowess of the House which creates ever more original and complex shapes. This collection, with its singular design, was conceived to offer chefs the possibility of creating a dish where the elements would coexist without overlapping. An invitation to make infinite combinations where harmony is the key word.

“This game of spaces distributed in different vertical levels allows for an unexpected distribution of the recipes on it. How they touch each other, how they align, how they look at each other… the ingredients, sauces and products… though not invading each other.” Santos Bregaña

Made in Limoges, France ⚑

1926 / 23402

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